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Way to save money on your next vacation

Way to save money on your next vacation

Okay, so there are endless ways to save money on most things today - the credit crunch has meant that dealers cry out for us to spend our money. The sale at High Street used to be an opportunity, and fly from Christmas Claus Cup or a spring time when the remaining summer clothes would make room for the autumn collections. Now it seems, every day is a sales day - and watching the offer of specialized TV channels and the countless offers in the Travel Agents windows, its also true in the world of travel and vacation. Every day, a good time seems to make a bargain.

And yet we still seem to find that the dates we really want, the hotels we really need, and the departure airport, which is a must for convenience and minimal hassle - all of these are hard to find in the right combination to create the title bargain. So sometimes some creative thinking is needed - and this creative thinking can begin with the golden rule - be flexible, and youll save a lot of money. Here are some tips for creative thinking, a great vacation and money left in the bank:

Book early

So obvious! And yet it is absolutely true in the world of cheap holidays as with any other business affected by the basic economy of supply and demand. The best time to book, according to the most reputable travel agents and air brokers, is 11 months before you travel. The seats on the key to the regular airlines are released for sale through agencies - including web providers - and there are usually a lot of cheaper seats available.

Book late

Now its one thing - just as obvious. But because we do not forget, delivery and demand rules benefit the most flexible holidaymakers, and a few mouse clicks or short traces through the TV text lists will always give some amazing finds.

Buy a package

Now this becomes less than creative, I hear you say! Yes, the web has been revolutionary for people who want to cut out the travel agency and arrange their own trips. But it is definitely still the case if you book flights and cars, or flights and accommodation, an agent can often offer a much better deal than if you would book separately, even online. This is especially true for a long-term multi-sector trip.

But if this is not creative enough, we can look at some other options. How about:

Countries that cost less

Sounds of course also, but make sure you get the knowledge. For example, many people see Greece as a cheap alternative, but the latest inflation after the currency change to the euro has become relatively expensive. This is less true for Turkey, which is outside the European community. Some online research can also lead you to Italy, or the Dominican Republic, or even Kerala. But maybe for British travelers, not America, where the dollar is finding the feet again against pounding.

Stay home

Why not just change rooms with the kids for a few weeks and spend time and visit these local landmarks - churches, parks, bowling alleys ... young people of the age enjoy simple pleasures like farms and pet stores and just the extra attention they get when the parents are not working out. A change is good as a rest. Its free and can be great fun.

Share the cost

If you are the social type, enjoy being in a group and having a good time sharing with friends or family, you can save a lot of money. A holiday home that houses ten people is never five times more expensive than one who sleeps two.

Or just by making sure that the extras involved in any holiday airport, insurance, travel to the airport, currency exchange and so on - get careful attention, you can make sure all good work examines the best holiday price is not regrettable by paying more than necessary for them. Thus

Look at the Commission Free Currency

Commission-free does not mean profit-free. Make sure you study the actual exchange rate before you change currency. No two suppliers are equal, and some may be less than generous.

Book your airport parking in advance

Turn the day off with your car and you will most likely be shifted to the price to park your car for one or two weeks at any holiday airport. So do your research, go online and check the opportunities to book ahead - even on the day of travel - and save up to 60% on such costs. Or you can check your insurance or automotive membership for special invitations or you can check airport hotels that offer one night, transfer stops that include long-term airport parking or you can look for off-street parking deals. Whatever you do, do not simply turn your car around - its likely that it costs almost as much, if not more than you paid for the flight!

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